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Customer Feedback

Occupational Therapists’ feedback - Online training:

"The slides were presented very clearly, and I really appreciate the narration and explanation. It gives the slides more 'context'. I also appreciated the photos/pictures/video- they certainly help me to visualise much better."

"I enjoyed the training; the narration helps to bring life to the learning. It also gives me some time to mull over the information taught- a pause button away :)"

"Information was concise, not too lengthy. Content broken down to chapters made things more manageable. I enjoyed the specific case examples. It's like listening to client stories. Was also great to see the actual products that clients completed."

"Super appreciative for the course. Enlightens me on new treatment approaches with some clients that I had previously felt stuck or lost with.

Overall, it was a great course not only for therapist who have not used this model, but also for those who may have had some experience trying this model out. It provides a comprehensive overview of the VDTMoCA from its fundamental theoretical assumptions and concepts all the way to using this model to guide us in practice, which I feel is very helpful."