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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I find out more about the Model of Creative Ability?
A. You can find out more about the model by visiting the Model of Creative Ability Interest Group website at www.modelofcreativeability.com and/or reading the chapter on the model by Pat de Witt in Crouch R, Alers V (2005) Occupational therapy in psychiatry and mental health. London: Whurr Publishers. Alternatively, you can of course attend ICAN's training on the model.

Q. Could I be an ICAN trainer? How do I become an ICAN trainer?
A. ICAN is always interested to hear from clinicians and educators with a professional background in the Model of Creative Ability and who have a passion for sharing their knowledge. Please contact us by clicking here.

Q. Can you bespoke workshops to fully meet my needs?
A. We are always happy to discuss your specific learning needs and to tailor a course to meet these.